Day 1916 – When Sinners Say I Do or Marriage Isn’t Perfect or Marriage is REALLY REALLY REALLY Hard!!!

Last August, I realized that my heart burns about the topic of marriage. At the time of my realization, I thought it was just for my photography business, that my goal was, more client marriages that last until ‘death do us part.’ It fueled my passion for work for a little while, but that thought has morphed beyond my photography business and extends to my friendships as well as YOU, my online reader. I realize I’m only 5 years young in the topic of marriage; I’m in no way an expert, at all. But I will do everything in my power to lift up marriages that last. I will share articles, stories, whatever I can to help others in their marriage. (If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you know I share a lot!)

While I think I have the perfect marriage, I really don’t. We hurt each other, we let the other down, we fail, we are far from perfect. But one of our “secrets” is this, we realize that we are both just two big, fat sinners. We have used the phrase countless times after a fight, an outburst, a cold brush off or an obscene amount of tears.

The phrase came from a very special book, When Sinners Say I Do (this is an affiliate link to purchase the book on Amazon. I have read the whole book myself and I highly recommend it! If you do purchase it or something else on Amazon using this link, we will get a small percentage of the purchase). Basically, it lays out that marriage is hard and recognizing that we are sinners helps SO much.

I’m currently rereading it because I do want to be “more of an expert” on this topic of marriage. I want to give sound advice when a friend has a marriage falling apart or when there is a fight that seems like the worst or they just want to make a good thing even better. Another reason for my deeper passion is I have seen so many marriages fall apart over the last 5 years…I guess it’s one of those things you pay closer attention to when you’re thinking about it….I’m sure there were other marriages that fell apart before I got married, but I don’t think I paid much heed.

Dear readers, know that I pray for your marriages. Know that I hope to bring encouragement and biblical truth. I desire to do all that I can to help marriages last until death. If you ever have a topic you want to me ramble about, comment below. Otherwise, I’ll ramble on my own….



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