Day 1820 – The Full Story Of Our Beach Trip, Including Lots Of Adventures!

First, for all of my followers, sorry for 3 email notifications in a row! I try really hard to keep up with the blog, but sometimes my husband thinks it would be fun to run away for a few days. 🙂

So it all started while driving to our bible study on Wednesday night. Bret out of the blue said, “hey, let’s go watch the sunrise at the beach!” I’ve done this before…actually right after I met Bret. I talked to him for a few hours of the drive. So it’s a special thing to do and memory we both have. It was the first time we saw the sunrise together at the beach!

After our bible study, we stopped by a gas station to get supplies. I think every single one was appropriate! 🙂


On the drive down, there was a crazy storm going on…lightening and all that. So we pulled over and watched the sky lighting up for us. Amazing. That was one of Bret’s favorite parts of the trip!

We arrived in the area about 2/3 a.m. so we found a Wal-Mart to park and sleep at. Let me tell you, even at night, a car can get REALLY hot. I recently watched a video about a Vet who locks himself in the car with the windows cracked to show how TERRIBLE it is to leave your dog in the car. All I could think about while sitting in the car, with sweat running everywhere was suffocating in this car like a dog! Ah! I think I got about 30 minutes of sleep, Bret, given his military background I’m sure, was able to sleep a bit more than me.

As the sun was starting to light up the sky, we drove over to the Inlet. The sky was SO amazing! The actual sunrise wasn’t anything to write home about, but the pre-sunrise was stunning. The light was beautiful too! I think if I ever do a beach session again, I’ll go at sunrise!




Look! We’re actually taking pictures TOGETHER!






When we talked about going to the beach, we had two goals: watch the sunrise and get all you can eat crabs. Well, the sun rises at 5:30/5:45….and most crab places open at 11. Soooo, that gave us a LOT of time to kill! We went to Starbucks for about an hour or two. Fun behind the scenes fact about Bret…he’s recently been teaching himself how to make lattes and espressos! Oh my goodness, he’s loving it! So after we got our drinks, we sat at a bar with a clear view to the girls making everything! After that, we drove up and down coastal highway a few times, stopped at a gas station and found a few free guides. We found out there was a farmer’s market a few blocks down!

Blueberries for breakfast? Yes please! Another behind the scenes fact about me….I’ve NEVER had a fresh blueberry! I’m not sure why…I’ve had them in smoothies…but that’s about it. Not sure what turned me off to them….because they were AMAZING!


After that, we found a mini golf course that was open! I want to say for all the Internet to hear, Lost Treasure Golf at 140th street off of Coastal Highway was perfect! We decided to do both courses to see which one was best. We started with the Diamond course (which was our favorite!) and were just in awe as we played! It was a fun, challenging and clean course. The employees obviously cared about the course (one was cleaning and maintaining things while we played) and the cashier (and maybe owner?) chatted with us like we were old friends. If you’re in town, you gotta check this place out!






After we played, we drove down to an all you can eat crab place. We checked out the menu and Bret found a great meal (he’s not as big on crabs as me!)…walked inside and found out they were out of all you can eat crabs! I think the delivery hadn’t come in yet….and really, lol, who is getting AYCE crabs this early? So we started back down Coastal Highway….seriously, I can’t tell you how many times we drove up and down the highway! Bret was Googling while I was driving and looking for places. He found one and we headed that way. Ok, I want the Internet to hear this too….On The Bay Seafood is THE best place to get AYCE crabs in Ocean City, Maryland! First, it’s only $25 for the crabs….now that doesn’t come with any sides, but come on, how much of those sides do you really eat? We sit down and what’s that? Oh! It’s SAND under out table! There was “beachy” music playing as well! The crabs were SO good dude! Very sweet flavor! Ahhhh, I want to go back now! I got to sit with my toes in the sand, eating delicious crabs and drinking beer. WONDERFUL!


After we finished eating, we started on our way back. About an hour and a half away from home, we were both so tired we decided to get a hotel….again, BRET’S idea! I can’t get over this change in him! We even got Chinese delivered to the room! While we were waiting, there was a crazy storm going on outside the room! I’ve never seen anything like it!



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