Day 1819 – A New Experience For My Fourth Of July – BSO Star-Spangled Spectacular – Oregon Ridge Fireworks

I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life, all 32 years of it. One thing I’ve done many times with family and friends is to watch the Oregon Ridge fireworks from the road. I remember thinking over the years that people were crazy who actually spent money to watch the fireworks inside Oregon Ridge. I mean, COME on! Free parking and free watching. Granted, I’ve had bad views, had to fight with crowds…it wasn’t THAT great.

Since Bret has finished school, it’s like living with a new person….from going out almost every night, to taking a spur of the moment trip to the beach, to well, just about everything. It’s been so awesome. Not going to lie, it has made me fall in love with my husband again. I’ve told him I don’t need a get away for our 5th anniversary, lol, we’ve been celebrating our anniversary for like a week! 🙂 So! Summer Bret thought that it would be fun to check out the INSIDE of Oregon Ridge this year (it’s like a secret club of 10,000 people).

We snagged my youngest brother on our way out the door and arrived about 15 minutes before they started loading up the shuttles. We arrived pretty quickly and were surprised to see how many people were already there! Here we thought we were early! We grabbed a spot and then checked out the food trucks! The Gathering was there with several food trucks! Oh my goodness. So. Flippin. Good. We split a sandwich from a BBQ truck and crabby fries (crab dip on fries!) I got the fries from Crusin’ Cafe. What really stood out to me about this truck was that when every order was delivered, the guy said, “Have a blessed night.” I just loved that!

As we waited, my bro and I played Skipbo.

Once the music started, I finally understood the draw. It was amazing. Awesome. Wonderful. Bottom line? So. Much. Fun! The fireworks display itself was awesome! I found myself sitting there like a little kid, mouth hanging open, saying “WOW!” like a bajillion times! 🙂

So much fun! I cannot wait until next year! Will you be there?


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