Day 1649 – Traveling From California To Texas

What a fun drive from California to Texas we had! We planned on taking our time driving home this year and visiting a few clients. We also wanted to actually SEE some of the awesome places we’ve driven past/near a bunch of times.

One thing we did was stop at an Applebee’s for a late night beer. We made it JUST in time for last call!


Very funny story to share at this point…

We sat down and didn’t really look around too much when we first got there since we were rushing to get our drink orders in. But a little later, I looked up and noticed that I was sitting under the Baltimore Raven’s banner! There were football teams all around the bar. And Bret sat under the Oakland Raiders! (That’s his team by the way….even though he’s almost won over to Baltimore). It was too funny.

Oh, and look at this, we actually took a picture together! 🙂


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