Day 1597 – The Best Liquor Store In Hunt Valley Maryland

Being a small business owner, customer service is a big deal. If you don’t have happy customers, you have an empty bank account! I am very aware of this in my own business, when I am given exceptional customer service, it makes a BIG difference!

Last night, Bret had a rare opportunity to take the night off! We had been talking about finding the new Full Tilt Berger Cookie Beer for a while and finally had a chance to do it! We were going to try Padonia Alehouse, but I suggested we try a few liquor stores nearby and if we couldn’t find it, then go out. If we did find it, then turn the night into a stay at home date!

Our first (and only) stop was Shawan Liqours. When we walked in, Bret asked the guy at the counter if they had any…unfortunately, it was sold out. We chatted a few more minutes and then the guy is like, ya know, hang out….and he grabbed a bottle from behind the counter! He’s like, it’s on me, we’re getting more on Wednesday, so come back and grab some then! We were shocked. We ended up getting a custom six pack and the Berger Cookie Beer.

BLOWN away by the customer service! So, if you live in the area, check these guys out!!


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