Day 1315 – Renting Lenses, Lessons Learned And Even My Dog Hates Pictures

Today I received some rental equipment! I’m testing out two lenses and a flash transmitter. My favorite out of the lot was BY FAR the 1.4 50mm lens. It creates amazingly, beautiful pictures. I hope I can purchase it like yesterday. The 1.8 85mm is alright. The auto focus was a little wonky, but still made nice pictures.

Then, I spent a few hours playing with the transmitter and my flashes. Try after try, video after video, manual after manual…nothing. I finally found a site that said, um, yea, you can’t use this transmitter with your flashes, you should have checked that dummy. Ok, so maybe it didn’t actually say that….but that’s how I read it. What really stinks, is they have the transmitter that IS compatible at the rental place. Thankfully, I didn’t spend an arm and a leg (which is a great aspect of renting equipment.) If you’re a photographer, a few bits of advice. FULLY research the product you want to rent to make sure it will work with what you have! (Ooops!) Also, do it! It’s a great way to see if something will work for you. After only 30 minutes, I know the 50mm will be a great addition to my bag, the 85mm, maybe down the line. I’m SO thankful I only rented the transmitter and didn’t purchase it. I spent about a 10th of the price.

Before I share the fun shots I got….this is a picture Bret took when messing around a few weeks ago…I found it when I downloaded my pictures!


Now here are the pictures I got today! I mean, hello, this is just a coffee mug and I think it looks fantastic! Go mug, go!


I got Gretchen to pose a little…


But then she told me how she really felt about it….


I swear, no one in my family likes getting their picture taken.

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