Day 1300 – 3.56 Years With The Best Guy I Know

I was trying to figure out what to post about today. It’s been really hard to think of things the past week or so…probably mostly because I’m sick and it’s just hard to think. But then I thought, wait, this is a monumental day. A big even number. How could I miss this chance to talk about my awesome husband??

So, dearest Bret, thank you for the following:

  • For putting up with me
  • For working 3 jobs, while going to school, just so I can pursue my dream
  • For dancing in the rain with me
  • For photographing weddings and portraits with me
  • For always kissing me goodnight
  • For leading me
  • For loving me enough to tell me I’m wrong about some things

Oh, and thanks for crawling on the ground to get “the shot.”


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