Day 1094 – Networking with DC Wedding Vendors

So, I have spent more time in DC the past 5 days than I have in my whole life combined!

Today I met up with a small group of Christian Wedding Vendors for lunch and sharing. It is SO refreshing to talk with vendors who understand how you think about business and how it relates to your relationship with God. Amazing women! I met up with Susie of Photography by Susie at her home and we traveled around the city together all day. It was great to have someone to travel around with!

We all met up at Ted’s Bulletin in DC. Let me just say this was THE coolest restaurant I have ever been to! First, here’s the MENU!

While we were waiting for food, we were all having different conversations and I ended up catching up with and sharing all the awesome things God has been doing in my life and business with the lovely lady in front of me, Sarah Danaher of Ampersand Photography! She was actually the one who got me in touch with this awesome community of Christian wedding vendors! I am deeply indebted to her for that.

Anyways, while we were talking she thought of a verse and pulled out THE most used bible I have seen in a while! I’m talking cover falling off, underlined and highlighted and notes written everywhere. It was truly a beautiful thing…so much so that I had to take a picture!

Also in attendance were Heather Behlendorf of Heather Bee Photography, Allison Harper of Alison Harper & Co and Meghan Hale of Meghan Hale Photography. What a WONDERFUL group of ladies!

What? The food? You want to see that too? That was almost as good as the company….

And what’s this? A homemade Pop Tart?? Yes please!

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