Day 850 – My Awesome Action Figures

I was struggling to find something to post about today. I spent most of my day running around between bible study in Joppatown, Timonium to get our iPod, Towson to give Bret the iPod, Timonium to check our mail and send a CD to the Schroen’s, then to the bank, then home. During the running around, Kristi texted to see if I wanted to run….in about an hour of the text….at this point in the day I hadn’t eaten yet…so I went home, had some chili (perfect running food, eh?), rested for about 20 minutes, and then met up with her to run! We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we chatted for a bit after the run. Then I met up with Shawna in Towson to pick up some memory cards. Back home again. During the commute, I got a hold of Bridget and we chatted for a little while about our businesses. She confirmed a REALLY awesome event we’ll be a part of in a few months! But it’s not my event, so I can’t share details yet! It’s going to be pretty amazing though. Whew!

As soon as I got off the phone with her, I started reading a TON of marketing things. Books, articles, etc. So…all that wasn’t too interesting. I put on my “thinking cap” (anyone else ever call it that??)….and headed over to the “Holidays For Everyday” website and check out the November list. I was really bummed to see that I missed Peanut Butter Lover’s Day on Friday, National Donut day on Saturday, I Love Nachos Day on Sunday, and even Hug-a-bear Day yesterday. All of those days would have made REALLY neat (and tasty….minus the bear) pictures! Then I noticed that today is Dunce Day and thought, you know, that fits! So, what do you do to a dunce? You put them in a corner of course! And that’s exactly what I did with my rings. The whole time I was shooting, I was thinking “bad rings, you know what you did”….”sit there and think about what you did”….it was actually rather amusing…I was home alone at the time, so it made it even worse.

I was looking at the pictures I had taken and thought…ugh…this really isn’t that interesting…who wants to look at a picture of a stool with my rings on it? So, what did I do? I turned around and took pictures of my toys!

I have been collecting toys for years now. I have some really neat Star Wars Unleashed figures. I LOVE those the most! Here’s a nice wide shot of some of my toys. (I have a collection of McDonald’s toys on a lower shelf, but we’ll save those for next year’s dunce day.)

Then I had to put my ring on my all time favorite character…Darth Maul. ::swoon::

I guess I like the evil characters….because The Emperor was my next choice…

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