Day 849 – Are The Creamers Still Good?

So….Saturday night, we had my siblings over….they’ve become coffee drinkers, so I wanted to get them a treat of fancy creamers. We got some pretty tasty flavors too! I normally drink my coffee black, so this was a treat for me too!

We fixed a nice, big pot of coffee Sunday morning before church….each of us had a cup….it was great. I don’t think any of us yawned during church! After church, we went to my parents’ (as you saw yesterday)….so….we weren’t home all day….obviously, we came home late, because of the game….and pretty much fell into bed in our clothes.

ok, now we’re caught up to this morning….I get up and start to clean a bit


::deep sigh::

followed by an AWWWW MAN! I bought those puppies Saturday night! I smelled them…a few times….my sense of smell isn’t what it used to be, so I thought…ok….I can either throw them out….or….see if my dear husband will be brave enough to “test them out”….(because I am really not!)….

He arrives after school and I casually walk up with the creamers

me: oh hey….can you try these?
he: why?
me: oh…you know….they might’ve been sitting out…Sunday morning through Monday morning…
he: ::smells both::
he: no no, we should just toss them
::smells both::
::looks at the flavors::
he: well….
he: oh…maybe we shouldn’t
me: hey, thanks!

At this point, I make myself a cup of coffee (almost immediately, actually) and enjoy the sweet cream flavor. Ah. Heaven. I’m so glad I have a Bret around to test the creamer. 🙂

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