Day 2022 – Rend Collective Concert

Over the last few years, I really haven’t been to a concert. It has been a mix of no time, trying to save money and just making excuses.

Tonight, I got to see Rend Collective. They are just plain awesome. A folk-y, emotional-y, up beat-y, worship-y (I’m trying to find excuses to make everything this-y) band. Their worships songs set my heart on fire with praise to God.

I wasn’t sure how the concert would be because it was a different set up than I had experienced at a concert (read that as, I’ve seen Tool, Thrice, Flatfoot56….and I am an unabashed mosher…I do not sit quietly at a concert)….this was set up like a church service…..but as they started into Build Your Kingdom Here, my hands started clapping, my body started jumping and I knew it would be one of the better concerts I’ve attended. I was not disappointed.

Actually, to call it a concert is a disservice to what this band is about at their core. Truth be told, I felt like I was just hanging out with a bunch of friends (several hundred friends) jamming and worshiping God. The whole session was interspersed with prayer, comments about our shared God and even a “mini sermon” about not letting guilt hold you back from worshiping God. By the end, my soul was full of praise, my face was marked with dried tears and I had a renewed love of my God and worship.

I really need to get out more….