Day 2312 – Mondays = Sunday Night Replays

Mondays I typically work out of the “office” aka home. So I’m out pretty much all day. We’ve started to watch all the replays of the Sunday night shows. We just finished watching Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead and Talking Dead. I have a few stories from today I’ll share another day, but I know some of you keep an eye out every day (thank you!)….so here’s what our living room looked like tonight…except facing my desktop….long story, which you’ll hopefully get tomorrow or the next day. 🙂


Day 1937 – What Do You Read By Candlelight?

A few weeks back, you may have caught my post about new boundaries in our lives. We’ve been doing pretty well with the sleep one…sometimes using our devices a little late (our troops need our help!!!) or staying up chatting with family….but for the most part, we’ve been sticking to it. I still can’t get over how much better I feel just getting up and going to sleep at roughly the same time every day. Even when I’m getting a little bit of sleep, I feel great.

Last night, we lit the candles, and picked up the books we’re each reading. I’m rereading The Walking Dead comics! I gotta admit, it was fun to read them by candlelight!


Day 1581 – What I’m Reading Today

I recently got a rush of “I MUST READ ALL THE THINGS!” I don’t take advantage of the library nearly enough. One thing I’d like to get better at is sales. We have a GREAT product to sell. I mean, if you’ve worked with us, you know…’s magic, really. So, to get better, I’m learning. I’ve found some really great books so far.

Now, I can also get distracted, and scan a page a few times and not take it in. So, I came up with a solution. The Walking Dead.

If you’re into zombies (and don’t mind violence, and some other R rated stuff), the graphic novels are AMAZING. lol, but not for kids. Trust me.

What I started to do was keep a stack of books, read a chapter, or a few pages, put the book on the bottom and read the top. What motivates me to keep reading is knowing that the Walking Dead is only a few books away….you know, and the fact that when I apply the knowledge in the books, I’ll make cash. But, hey, instant gratification people. Give me the zombies.

And ok, I’m not going to lie. I had 7 issues to read. I finished them all. Guess I need another zombie graphic novel…or batman. Yea, everyone like batman…