Day 2656 – What Is Real Love?

Bret and I were having a conversation about what real love is.

Is it about loving someone no matter what they do?
Is it praising them?
Is it giving gifts?

We think real love is telling the truth. Especially when you’re talking about “spouse love.”

I am so grateful for this love from Bret.

If he didn’t tell me the truth about my diet and point out ways I could change – I would still be drinking several cans of soda, eating hot dogs and cup of noodles every day.
If Bret didn’t tell me the truth about working out – I would still be unhealthy – heh heh, this is one area Bret has to tell me the truth a lot. :/
If Bret didn’t tell me the truth about getting social interaction – I would be a complete hermit who doesn’t shower, reads a ton of books and binges on Lost episodes.

What do you think? What is real love?