Day 3327 – Superheroes Stuffing Envelopes – or – Life Lessons Learned From Weird Dreams

A few weeks ago, I had a pretty strange dream. I only remember one part – there were superheroes stuffing envelopes. I wrote this down for a number of reasons, first, it’s kind of funny, but second is that it’s a pretty important life lesson. You shouldn’t waste your gifts.

When you think of a superhero, you see them saving people, stopping the bad guys, and getting out there kickin’ butt and takin’ names. They were made for more and they embrace it. It’s not always easy, and being a hero comes with its own unique set of struggles, but they’re doing it.

Compare that to these strong, talented folks, sitting behind a desk, and stuffing envelopes. It is a disservice to themselves and to the calling they’ve been given. Now, I am in no way saying stuffing envelopes is a bad thing, heck, I LOVE stuffing envelopes (really, all things office supplies really). But it is a mismatch of skills. Unless your superhero name is The Paper Shredder! Her abilities include stuffing 34,821 envelopes a minute, completing all reports in five minutes, and scheduling your day with her pinky. Hmmm…..I may have a picture of what I would be when I become a superhero.

However you slice it, doing what you were made to do is important. Don’t neglect the gifts you’ve been given, even if it’s part-time.


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