Day 1764 – Fun Pictures From My Phone!


This was Bret’s salad for his birthday! You can’t tell from the picture, but it was the size of his head.


These are Bret’s birthday presents from me!!


Last night, Joseph (my youngest bro) had some friends over for his birthday (which was about a week ago). My mom got a cake and included Bret on it too. 🙂


There were a lot of candles on that cake!


Day 783 – Bawroski Wedding Album

Today I received the Bawroski Wedding Album in the mail! It was very exciting! So exciting in fact, that I called Kayla to see if they were free RIGHT THEN! They were, so I had a nice surprise dinner with two of my favorite clients. We met them through one of my classmates from my freshman year. They have become such great friends. So much so that Kayla invited us to her 21st birthday. Now THAT is the goal of what I do with my wedding photography. I want my clients to become such good friends that we become a part of their lives.

Here’s a lovely shot of the sunset I got before I met them!

Also, thank you Kayla for giving me a shout out in your article!

Day 656 – Sunset on the Way to Dinner

So, I wasn’t sure what I would take a picture of today….and then I came around a corner on the way to dinner with my family and saw this amazing sunset. It’s not super clear, but the rings are in the bottom right of the screen. We’ll just say that the sunset is so pretty you don’t mind! : ) I share this because Bret and I share a deep love of the outdoors and the beauty of God’s creation.