Day 1254 – I Didn’t Believe In This Wedding Tradition Until 6 Years Ago Today

Six years ago today, my dear friends Kenny and Naomi were married. They were actually a big influence on our relationship and I truly believe that a question Kenny asked Bret and I was a push towards Bret thinking more seriously about marrying me. (“How have you grown together spiritually?”) This and other conversations were a reason why we honored them at our wedding.

(Image by Shawna Sherrell Photography)

But there is a little known story, at least one I haven’t share yet on this lovely marriage blog!

I was ALWAYS all about catching the bouquet. I’m still bummed I can’t participate in that tradition at weddings. I was one of those girls who PUSHED other girls out of the way. Knocking over small children, I did whatever it took to catch that bouquet.

When Naomi was about to throw her throw away bouquet…it couldn’t be found! So, this dear bride threw her actual bouquet.

The one she walked down the aisle with.


The one she held as she married the man she loved.



The one that she let me play around with before she threw it!


It turned out that I would be the one to catch it! While this was a great joy in and of itself, the real joy was not discovered until later.

2 months later, to the day, I met Bret Gaitan. At the time, I had NO idea who he would be to me. That I would one day say “I Do” to this crazy Marine. It wasn’t until months after I met him that I realized the significance of the date we met.

So Naomi, happy anniversary and THANK YOU for throwing you’re actual bouquet.

I STILL have this bouquet by the way. 🙂


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