Day 3152 – Starting Again

Ah, I am totally a list maker who makes lists of the lists I need to make. I am a collector of goals. I am ambitious of a lot.

In some respects, I feel I lost my way, my momentum, and focus on my goals. I seemed to forget that even super tiny progress towards a goal is still progress. Even reading a few pages of a 600 page book is still a step. Even editing or writing one page is still one more page than I had before.

I had a renewed excitement about my goals this weekend, I reprinted my daily checklist to highlight (oh man was I doing poorly with that!) I reprinted our floss journey (I was also not as consistent). This way, I won’t see the failures and inconsistencies of the past few weeks, I will see my fresh start and current consistency.

How can you start again today?


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Day 2133 – Starting From Scratch

Yesterday, I told you about my new web presence. Thank you to those who have followed already!

Today, I spent some time looking into increasing followers on all three sites (new website/blog, Twitter and Facebook) and I found myself very discouraged. My photography business has a great following on Twitter and Facebook and this blog is huge! It is so intimidating to have to start from scratch.

But then I took a minute to let things sink in. Yes, I have quite a way to go until I match and exceed my current stats, but holy cow, look at what I’ve done with my photography business and blog! It was humbling to think about how many people have had an part in getting me to where I am today. So, to y’all, thank you so very, very much. I can’t wait to see where we go next!!