Day 2325 – Joy In A Cup

Today, Bret and I got Starbucks on our way home, because I won a bet. I ordered a Peppermint Mocha and boy howdy, am I glad I did! I totally forgot how amazingly delicious it was! One sip and every worry and care I had melted away. I was SO fully of joy. It’s funny how your day can be lifted just by a sip of coffee. I’m so glad little things like this give me joy.


Day 2178 – What We Can Learn From Waiting

Yesterday, we flew from Maryland to California for a summer visit with Bret’s family. I am SO thankful that God has us in a season of abundance so that we can visit more.

We arrived in Las Vegas in route to our California end stop. We had a scheduled layover of about six hours. I was thankful for not being too tired this time around, but it was still a tough wait. I had some Starbucks to help over the first hump. I felt like young Anakin in his pod racer when he says “It’s working!!!!”

I spent the hours eating, reading, catching up on games and listening to podcasts. Finally, the time came to move to the gate and then we boarded. The new airline we tried has a great boarding method….if you don’t have a carry on, you board first….it really helps to get the plane boarded.

We sit down, start reading and wait. We pull out from the gate and stop….and wait….then there’s an announcement that the breaks are hot, so we have to wait some more….then another announcement that it’s not cooling, so we have to go back to the gate and deboard. We spent probably another hour or so sitting at the gate (thankfully very air conditioned!) Finally, we’re told we’re changing planes. Woo hoo!! We ended up waiting another 20 minutes or so at the gate before boarding.

All told, we were delayed 3 hours. What was a six hour layover, became 8. It’s a shame I don’t gamble.

But here’s what I learned. Sometimes waiting isn’t bad at all. The three hours flew by, because we started chatting with the girl sitting next to us. We chatted with other passengers. We joked, we learned about each other. Sure, some of the passengers were really mad, wanting refunds and complained to people who couldn’t change anything. (What can they do about a plane that’s hot in Las Vegas in June? I mean, really?) But for the most part, while frustrated that we had to wait, everyone was pretty optimistic and just dealt with the card we were given. If we hadn’t had this big delay, we never would have chatted with the lady sitting next to us. We shared stories about rock climbing and hiking. She was a ranger and we chatted about what she does. It was so fun! It was also cool to see how a situation like this brings a group of people together. We weathered the storm together and came out stronger. We connected on a personal level that wouldn’t have existed if we weren’t delayed.

The next time you’re met with having to wait, think about what you’re actually getting out of the delay.

Oh, and get Starbucks, always get Starbucks.



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Day 2167 – I Tried Crack This Weekend

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a die hard Starbucks fan. I’m not picky about my coffee. I don’t add things to my coffee. I honestly drink instant coffee more than anything else. I’m rarely a frozen coffee drink girl, except for at Starbucks.

We went to see Jurassic World with some good friends on Sunday (GREAT movie by the way!) and had about 20 minutes to kill before they arrived. I had a few Starbucks giftcards and it was on the way…so, we stopped. It was a great to take a quick minute to chat…especially after the super packed weekend!

Well, I got the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino┬« Blended Coffee. Friends, I don’t think I’ve said “Oh my gosh! This is SO good!” so many times. I can’t stop thinking about this amazing Frappuccino!

Seriously, did they put crack in it?


Day 1608 – How To Make A Mostly Terrible Day Great

Today I had to go back home to wait for a package. It was the only reason I had to go home (from house sitting). After I had been sitting for about half an hour waiting for the delivery, I check the tracking information. DOH! Updated to TOMORROW! I call the company and they basically say there’s nothing I can do. I was so upset. I mean, it threw off my whole day and meant I didn’t get nearly any work done. So, I think, well, at least I’ll try to squeeze in my oil change…show up at the shop and they’re so booked they’re taking appointments…I’ve never had to schedule one.

*sigh* Poopy day!

So I say, you know what, I’m getting myself a treat. I stopped by Starbucks and got a peppermint mocha. It truly changed my mood and was absolutely delicious. ­čÖé