Day 1608 – How To Make A Mostly Terrible Day Great

Today I had to go back home to wait for a package. It was the only reason I had to go home (from house sitting). After I had been sitting for about half an hour waiting for the delivery, I check the tracking information. DOH! Updated to TOMORROW! I call the company and they basically say there’s nothing I can do. I was so upset. I mean, it threw off my whole day and meant I didn’t get nearly any work done. So, I think, well, at least I’ll try to squeeze in my oil change…show up at the shop and they’re so booked they’re taking appointments…I’ve never had to schedule one.

*sigh* Poopy day!

So I say, you know what, I’m getting myself a treat. I stopped by Starbucks and got a peppermint mocha. It truly changed my mood and was absolutely delicious. 🙂


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