Day 1230 – Don’t Forget About This On Thanksgiving….

I’ll admit it…I got caught up in the outrage of Target and Wal-Mart starting their sales this evening. I even signed a petition against Target….saying that I wouldn’t shop there today or tomorrow if they didn’t change their hours. I mean…I wasn’t planning on going shopping this year…though, it’s funny, I keep thinking about things I COULD go shopping for! My mouse has been acting up….the cord for my laptop is falling apart….you can get an iPhone through Virgin Mobile now….stop tempting me electronics!!! Ahem….anyways.

And then, my friends starting posting things about the troops and Thanksgiving….and I was completely humbled. I really do try to have a “well if nothing else…” “at least we don’t have to…” “you’re up and walking…” mentality about things. I try to keep perspective. I have only gotten to this mindset through deep lose and serious tears. I don’t speak naively.

I am so thankful for those who reminded me. Then I started thinking…you know…there are a lot of other businesses and people working today that we don’t normally think about. Gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, military, police….and so many more I can’t think of and really don’t think of…

I challenge you…while you’re out and about today….thank each person you run into who is working today. It’s not just the retail folk.

I want to personally thank the Lightfoot Family. Dan is pretty much a life-long friend, one of my grooms and our best man. Lizann is a long time friend, one of my brides and our soloist. They recently made a move to Spain with the Marines. I am so grateful and honored to know such a strong family. I don’t know if I would have been as strong as I was during Bret’s deployment if it hadn’t been for Lizann.

Thank you Lightfoot family for your sacrifice for our country. We love you guys!