Day 2269 – A New Way To Look At Motivation/Rewards/Punishments And Getting Things Done

I recently re-stumbled onto a great YouTube channel – FightMediocrity shares summaries of books he’s read in about 5-10 minutes. He did a great one of the 4 Hour Work Week. I can’t remember which video it was…I tend to watch 3-4 at a time and I’ve watched a number of them over the last week or two…anyways. The idea of giving rewards or punishments to help motivation. The example he gave was if you don’t hit your goal, then you have to donate to a charity you don’t like or something like that. I can’t remember if he mentioned positive rewards or not, but it got me thinking…what actually motivates me? It’s super easy to not follow through with a negative result. I just don’t do it. But what if I did positive rewards? It’s no secret I love the Lego video games. A new one just came out today that’s a HUGE Lego game….but with a HUGE price tag. The starter pack for Lego Dimensions is $100.

I started thinking through the goals I have….getting a first draft of my book completed, finishing projects for my clients, working out regularly. From big goals to small goals, I came up with a rough idea of what I would “give myself” if I finished them. I originally thought there’s NO way I’m spending $100 on a game. But through a few conversations with Bret, he encouraged me to read some reviews on it. I just finished some reading and can I just say it sounds like an AMAZING game? So here’s when a funny thing happened. I started thinking about how much I want that game. I started thinking about what I have to do with the first draft of my book. There is actually a part of me that wants to work on it right now and finish it this week.

There are all kinds of positive rewards you can give yourself. Whether it’s an hour in front of the TV, an hour to read a fiction book or a coffee from Dunkin Donuts, it doesn’t matter. It’s about what will make you do the work that you need to do.

What works best for you? Positive or negative outcomes?