Day 2401 – Sometimes, My Husband Is Not Perfect

If you’ve read this blog any amount of time or if you know Bret and I in person, it might seem like I think he’s just the greatest and can do no wrong. While this is true about 99.5% of the time (ok, minus the “do no wrong” part….he’s not perfect), there is that 0.5% of the time when he royally screws up. I want to pull back the curtain on our marriage and tell you about two recent experiences.

Last night, I spent about 2 hours shopping at various grocery stores. I’ve been trying really hard to not go crazy with junk food. After the snow storm and the gallons of soda and energy drinks as well as pounds and pounds of snacks and treats…I’ve been wanting to stay more strict in what I eat. I felt quite proud of myself after walking through the ENTIRE Wal-Mart bakery section and NOT getting anything. Oh. So. Proud. In a moment of weakness, I grabbed a Mt. Dew and a King Sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Four glorious cups. Two for me and two for Bret. My mouth drooled with anticipation.

After everything was put away in the cabinets and fridge, I settled in front of my computer to eat some of the snacks. I only got TWO bags of snack foods….that’s a LOT less than normal. Again, super proud of myself. Bret was playing video games, so we had our backs to each other. After eating about half of each bag, I was ready for some sweet treats. Here is how our conversation went.

Me: ::walks around apartment….searching…:: Bret, where are the Reese’s?
Bret: ::looooooooong pause::….I….ate…..them….all…
Me: What? Really?! You never eat everything! You always ask before you eat the last one!
Bret: I’m so sorry. 😦


I jokingly stayed mad at him and this morning, gave him a very hard time. After every request, I would remind him of his downfall – can you make some coffee? It’s the least you can do after eating all of the Reese’s. Can you come give me a hug? I mean, you did eat all the Reese’s.

As we were laughing about this, he did express genuine sorrow about the situation. This is NOT like him at all. This is the guy who gives me the first of everything, saves the last of everything. Does almost all of the dishes. This is NOT like him. We were reminded of another time Bret did something out of character. To be fair, this did happen while he was asleep.

For some reason, I was very cold one night. Maybe I didn’t wear a sweatshirt to bed or we had the heat off or a combination of both. I was in the “I’m too cold to even get up and put on a sweatshirt” zone. I turn towards Bret and notice he has ALL of the covers. I have just a portion of one blanket. I’m about to fix the blankets when I see my dear husband’s face. Friends, he had the cutest smile on his face. Like some content kid.


I didn’t have the heart to fix them. So I suffered.


But both stories still give us a LOT of laughs. 🙂

* Editor’s note – the pictures above are recreations.


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Day 928 – My Hubby Takes Great Care of Me

Today I was feeling a little down in the dumps and while cuddling under the covers Bret asked what he could do. I meekly asked if he could get me some chocolate. I’m not normally one who eats lots of candy or cake or really any dessert. Salty snacks are my weakness….give me a bag of chips, Cheetos or Doritos and I’m done. Anyways, upon hearing my request, Bret left almost immediately to grab me something chocolaty and peanut buttery.

Ah, he got me Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Love.