Day 2631 – What Do You Want? (Tell Me What You Really Really Want) ;)

Ok friends! I need your help. I love this blog, I love sharing my heart and thoughts on simplicity in marriage, life, Christianity, travel and business. It’s crazy how it’s changed over the years….it’s crazy how I’VE changed over the years! I always have about 5 ideas for new projects, adventures or products at any given time. Seriously, can we get to the point of technology downloading our brains yet? Anyways. You may have noticed I added a resource page with a few book recommendations (check it out if you’re looking for a good book to read next!) Instead of pouring a ton of work into something that no one wants, I want to poll you guys for what you actually want! So tell me what sounds interesting to you! Some of these are super long term ideas and some are close to being available. 🙂

If you don’t fill it out, this will be Bret’s reaction.


If you fill it out, I’ll smile like this!


Day 1494 – What I Did Today! – Baltimore Maryland Wedding Parent Albums

Today I designed a parent album for the Baumann Wedding!

Here’s the first page!


Did you know you can order a parent album (or a bigger one!) from a wedding that has already passed? Even if that wedding happened 8 years ago! Shoot me an email today to find out more! ::cough cough:: Christmas is coming soon!