Day 3404 – How One Decision Can Change Your Life Forever

I’m currently reading I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel, and I have to say, it is a delightful read for any reader. I’ve always loved what Anne has to say on Modern Mrs. Darcy, from her book recommendations to organizational tips. This morning, I read about how one decision changed her life.

It got me thinking about the decisions I’ve made that have changed my life in big ways and small ways.

If I hadn’t gone on what I thought was a blind date (what it was is really a really long story), I wouldn’t have met Bret.

If I hadn’t been moved by someone else’s testimony, I never would have shared publicly about my alcoholism.

If I hadn’t shared about my alcoholism, others wouldn’t have felt led to share their struggles…with me or those important to them.

If I had said yes to something, and no to something else, I wouldn’t have gotten sober when I did, which is something I truly wouldn’t trade for the world.

If I hadn’t decided to help Bret with his business, it wouldn’t have become our business, and I wouldn’t have been able to help as much as I am now.

I have made big decisions, small decisions, life-changing decisions, but the thing is, you won’t always know that a decision will change your life until years later. This brings me back to my advice to have a record of things. Whether a journal or a blog that you share with almost 2000 people.

Also, take time to look back and see how you got to be where you are.

And, as always, enjoy the journey.


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