Day 2830 – First Sunset At The New Place

We’re all moved in! We still have a few boxes to go through, but we’re just about done. It feels good to say that!

After we unpacked a few things, we had some coffee in the backyard, and watched the sunset. We’ll miss our balcony, for sure, but this is a great spot!


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Day 2829 – Preview Of Our New Home

Whew doggie, long day moving! We have about 1-2 loads left and we’re all set. Here’s a preview of our new digs!


Did you like what you read? Here’s some ways you can support us and this blog!
Buy my book, Trusting God With 2 Cents: 22 Days To Becoming A Successful Christian Business Owner.
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Day 2113 – What I Have Learned In A Week Of Living Here

I can’t believe we’ve been here a week already! It was just about this time last week that I got the keys and started the task of moving everything in. So what have I learned since being here?

– The porch is worth any additional amount we had to spend. We LOVE it out there. I can’t wait for this cold to pass so I can spend more time out there again.

– Living within minutes of Wal-Mart is a blessing and a curse.

– I’m not sure why I haven’t walked to Dunkin Donuts yet – seriously, it’s SO close.

– Sleeping on the floor has been fantastic.

– Our neighbors seem great so far. You can tell they care about the place. In some ways, it feels like a suburb neighborhood and not an apartment complex.

– I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff until I started unpacking. Thankfully, I have a lot to get rid of and plans to get rid of more.

– Living light means (to us) having what is important to you and not just keeping a bunch of stuff. Case in point, we bought a TV. A huge 40″ TV. I can plug in my laptop to play movies (hence no need for a DVD player)…this also means that I can do my work on a 40″ screen. I did in fact spend about 2 hours doing just that yesterday.

– I am so thankful for God’s timing and how it is not our own.


Day 2109 – A Tour Of Our New Home And An Introduction To A New Way Of Living

I know our move took a lot of people by surprise, including us. We’ve been thinking about moving out for about six months, we’ve had God impress upon our hearts to move, but we kept finding excuses. After a conversation with dear friends, we knew it was time. A mere two days after our conversation, we visited an apartment complex that had really stood out in our search. There was an apartment available, we filled out the application, were approved and able to move in 3 days later. Conversation on Sunday, apartment visit on Tuesday, move in on Friday. Friends, it still surprises us that we’re here! So, to all of those who were surprised by our move, sorry for not telling each of you personally, but it’s been a whirlwind of a week! lol, for practical reasons, I figured a Facebook post and a blog post would let most everyone know. Oh the impersonal nature of our current age!

Another thing we’ve been thinking about recently is “living light” and being sojourners in this world. We believe that this world is not our home, just a place to journey through to get to our ultimate home with Christ. To that end, we’ve been thinking that we don’t want to have a lot of possessions. While we were talking about moving over the months, I mentioned that maybe we should try to only have things that fit in my Honda Civic. I think that we’ve done pretty well at this new lifestyle. To be honest, we are SO excited about it! Let me give you a tour and show you what this looks like for us.

First, we have a low table with cushions for our dinner table. We tested it out last night!


After dinner, we cleaned up and set up the laptop and curled up to watch a movie.


I am CRAZY about my new kitchen! Everything that we have fits (I even took my 7 boxes of kitchen down to 5)!



This corner in the kitchen is empty and I have no idea what to put here…if I even will. Any thoughts?


Having a washer and dryer in the apartment has been very convenient too. What we do is put our dirty clothes directly into the washer, saving us from needed a hamper.


My bathroom that isn’t Batman themed (yet) but has my box of Frozen kleenex.


Here’s where we will probably lose most of you. We’re sleeping on the floor. We don’t have a bed, just a bunch of blankets. It has been a great night sleep, I’m not going to lie!


The plan for the living room (when we have guests) is a ton of beanbag chairs and camping chairs. Easy to move and super comfy.


We want our home to be a place of comfort, rest and a whole lot of reading.


Our balcony is most definitely our favorite part of the apartment. We have spent almost every evening sitting outside.


I mean, look at this view!


Day 1215 – Our New Home…er…Room

As I was taking the pictures for today’s post, I honestly was a little embarrassed. I tried to take the pictures in such a way that you couldn’t see the concrete blocks on the walls, the unfinished ceiling and wires everywhere. I thought, man, I don’t want people to see this and think “wow, how low can you go?” What an ungrateful person am I! You know what’s going on with us if you’ve been reading this blog over the last few months. You know Bret lost his job and we decided to move back in with my gracious parents. We still feel it was God directing our path here. Here I am again, in a way, ashamed. And yet, I remember that this is a “sacrifice” to ensure our dreams can come true. Whenever these negative thoughts cross my mind, I’m almost immediately taken to a posture of thankfulness. I think about others who are without homes…everything…in New York and New Jersey….not hours away from me. I think of those who are living out of the cars. Bret and I met a guy at the climbing gym a while back…and he was from another country…I couldn’t tell you which now….but he mentioned how they never went out to eat….because they didn’t have the money. Bret reminds me of this when we go out to eat or order delivery and that we are living like kings. I mean, really, have you thought about that? Someone is bringing you food, cleaning up your mess. It’s crazy how much more thankful you can be if you just shift where you’re looking.

So, without anymore of my ramblings, here is our new space!

I love having the bookshelves in the main walkway…it has rekindled my heart with desire to read again. I have been reading SO much since we’ve been here!

And don’t worry, I didn’t keep my toys packed away!