Day 2299 – Marriage Tip – Make Time For Each Other – Even It Means Cancelling Plans

Going into this weekend, I was so tired. We had several potential plans for the weekend….doing all of which would lead to a VERY busy weekend. Saturday morning, Bret informed me he was only doing one of them, this meant that we were able to spend the majority of Saturday together. We even got breakfast together. Sunday, we attended church and had no real plans afterwards. I noticed a Mission BBQ drink cozy….I cannot tell you if it was in church or someone’s car or what, but I saw it. So I suggested (not expecting to go since we just went out the day before) we go for lunch. I had heard about their noon tradition and it was 11:30 at the time. To my surprise, my thoughtful husband agreed!

So we headed over and OH MY GOODNESS! it was delicious! I got their ribs with Bay-B-Que sauce….can I just say that it is one of the best “Old Bay in food” foods I’ve EVER had. Hands down.


At noon, all Mission BBQ employees (and every customer too) stop what they’re doing, stand and pledge allegiance to the flag. It is a truly awesome experience. Everyone is so quiet, so reverent. It was all I could do to not cry. (I know, SO surprising).

After our amazing lunch, I took Bret on a surprise trip. See, we love fall. It is our favorite season. Bret is fascinated by the leaves. Knowing all he wanted to do was just sit and stare at them, I took him to one of our old “photo shoot” sites. We walked along the path and just chatted about life.

I’m so thankful that Bret chose to cancel his Saturday plans AND give me his whole Sunday. It was a very refreshing time for us. 🙂



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