Day 3104 – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

“Mindset” is such a buzz word, it can be easy for it to lose its meaning from overuse. But changing our mindset in different areas has truly changed our lives the past few years. We’ve had some major shifts in how we view our money over the last year, as well as how we spend our money and think about saving for things. I’m in the process of creating a budget for an EPIC trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. I want to include EVERYTHING we want to do and not come at it with a “how can we do this cheaply” mindset. I’m trying to take my own advice from My road trip book (Note this is an affiliate link – so I’ll get a small percentage if you purchase) and I’m planning a big trip so I know what it would actually cost. Instead of thinking it’s a “pie in the sky” trip, I’ll know, we need XXX to make this trip, what do we need to do to get there?

I had a seemingly “small” mindset shift from reading a book about consistently showing up, every day. Before I was just overwhelmed with everything I needed and wanted to do, but once it clicked that it’s ok to take even super small steps (one page read, one blog post edited, one small workout) because they add up to huge things over time. Instead of feeling “I’ll NEVER get all this done” I now think, “ok, I may still have a long way to go, but I’m making my way there.”

Also changing from a “We can’t afford this” mindset to “HOW can we afford this?” has been a huge shift.

I’ve even changed my mindset about my online presence. I thought I had to get my other websites up to date and regularly updating them to be successful. But it hit me – THIS blog is my home in this digital world. THIS is where I have set up shop. Even though my name isn’t in the web address, this is where people are finding me. And instead of trying to figure out what everyone wants me to write, I’ve embraced writing what I want and what I’m experiencing. (Thank you to Tribe of Mentors for this particular shift). And I’ve already noticed a change. From more views to more subscribers to feeling truly proud about each post. Sure, they’re taking a lot longer to write and that takes time from other projects, but I feel good about it.

I think the best advice on this whole “mindset thing” is that it’s ok to change your mind about things. It’s ok to think one way and then another and then go back to what you originally thought. Growth, honesty, and a willingness to fail is what we’re after here.

Have you had a recent mindset shift? Was there one big event that change your mind about things or was it little things along the way? Let me know in the comments below.


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