Day 2764 – Yes, That Day IS Seven Days Ahead Of Yesterday – or – I Made A Big Mistake!

I try to be organized as much as I can. I’m always looking for bigger and better ways to stay organized.

I have a to do list that I update every week that has the Days listed. I’m guessing I didn’t update the days on a week, and I reused a week of days. It took me a little while to find it, but I repeated numbers back in May. I have been a WEEK behind for 243 days! Good grief! But we are all up to date now! Today is 2764 Days of Marriage for Bret and Jen!

Have you ever made a big mistake like this?



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Day 1697 – Why Do I Blog Every Day And What’s The Deal With The Day?

Have you been reading my blog for a while but not sure why I note every day? Ever wonder why I blog every day?

I figured now was a great time to give y’all a refresher!

I am a wedding photographer.

I love it. Dearly.

But I believe that the real journey begins after the wedding is over. I want to continue sharing the joys and sorrows of marriage with my clients, friends and family. To that end, I take a picture of my wedding rings or something that captures what that day has meant to my marriage, what I learned, etc.

One of the core beliefs of our wedding photography business is a close relationship with each couple. We strive to be good friends after the wedding and we try to encourage them in their marriage. I had an idea in the spring of 2011, to take a picture with all of our rings, the bride, the groom, Bret and myself. Photographically saying, “we support your marriage.”

We are especially grateful for the clients who refer us to their friends. We had the joy of photographing 3 weddings from a group of friends (the Astaritas, the Fredericks and the Tiltons). The Tiltons were married last and at their wedding, we took a picture of all three couples and us. The Fredericks have a print of this on their wall. It has become one of the most meaningful pictures I have taken.

I hope that my journey through marriage will give you joy. That you’ll have a few laughs. Maybe a few tears. And ultimately, see how much I love my husband. So, come take a journey with me!