Day 782 – A Trip To The Fair

I took off today to edit the pictures from last night, sleep in, and catch up on some work. I successfully edited the pictures. I caught up on a few things….but started to get really hungry….ate a little bit…a cup of noodles type thing. I expected Bret to come home from school around 1:45. I had free tickets to the Maryland State Fair and I thought, this would be a fun mini-date! We can grab some food we don’t normally (read EVER) eat. Check out some vendors and take some fun pictures. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up until around 4. We had to run a prize down to the Towson Sheraton for their bridal show. (stop by and say hello if you’re engaged!! We’ll be in the Warfield’s Ballroom!)

So we didn’t get to the fair until around 5….We walked through the cow palace, watched a cow getting milked and made our way up to the exhibition hall.

Our first stop was the Maryland State Lottery stand. I love spinning that wheel! I always think I’ll win something great! Well….I won a pair of sunglasses…which I actually needed! Bret won a scratch off! I was so proud. : ) AND that scratch off won! Two whole dollars!

We did a little more wondering around. Looked at some sweet knives. I swiped a sweet pen from the Port of Baltimore.

Then we saw it. That thing that would be the time sucker of all time suckers. That made us suckers. That made us want to spend a lot of money. Before we went to “that place that will be named later,” we got some candy! Just a few pieces. How much was it you ask? Well, that would be $1.80! Thank you MD Lottery for buying us candy!

At this point, we sat down for the Americraft Cookware show. What a show it was! The chef was so funny, entertaining and smart. We really enjoyed the show. At one point though, I asked Bret the time….it was an HOUR after we had started watching! But, it was ok, she was still cooking, and darn it, I was getting that free food!

I want to stop here and say that I had only had that little thing of soup and it was seriously messing with my head….in the migraine sort of way. If you’ve had a migraine, you understand the awfulness of it. But, again, I was waiting for that food!

Another 30-45 minutes later….she finally gets to the price….it was so much more than I expected! But, still tempting! They were throwing in so many free things. It was such a savings. But, we finally got up near the end of her presentation and walked out of the building. We even passed a guy who asked if we bought anything…when we said no, he yelled, good thing! It’s a rip off! I guess we won’t know….at least not for now. I might just start saving money to buy them next year. AH! So awesome.

Then we went on the hunt for food. At this point, I was getting a little dizzy, and really just all around crappy. I’m not going to lie, it was not a pretty sight. Neither of us were in a good mood. We ended up leaving without getting food.

So, the moral of the story:
Eat a nice, big meal before going to the Fair.
If you get caught up in a 2 hour presentation about pots and pans, they are probably really expensive.
Don’t cook your veggies in water….and if you do, don’t dump the water when they’re done! Put it in a soup mix, or something!
Don’t get mad at your husband if YOU didn’t eat. It’s not his fault.