Day 3123 – Bret Locked His Keys In The Truck, 40 Minutes Away – How Did I Respond?- repost

I found this post through my Pinterest prep and I wanted to share it today.

originally posted 2/23/14

Today, I had to drive about 35-40 minutes to unlock Bret’s truck and retrieve his keys. He’s done this a time or two in the past…but hey, who hasn’t.

Anyways, I realized there were two scenarios that would take place.

1) I would get ready, totally ticked off. I would get in my car and see that I needed gas, more ticked off. I would steam about how this cut into my work day (I really need to make myself actually take more days off). I would be angry at the other drivers, even though they didn’t do anything wrong. I would be mad at Bret for locking his keys in the truck….again. I would think about the fact that this was burning money we shouldn’t be burning.

2) I would start my drive like the first scenario. I would then remember that I JUST yesterday prayed that God would mold me even more so into the character and likeness of His Son. I prayed that He would put me in situations where I would grow. Then a song on the radio about being Happy would come on. I would mutter under my breath, but think about being happy. Then I would hear a song about loving someone unconditionally. And I would remember, this is what I signed up for when I said “I Do.” Marriage isn’t just a wedding and then smooth sailing. It’s hard work and a daily struggle against yourself and your selfish desires. I would remember that I love Bret, even when something like this happens. I would then see a few drivers with their windows down and put my window down and be thankful that I was outside on a BEAUTIFUL day. I would hear songs on the radio that made my heart smile. I would get to see my husband more than I expected I would today.

I will admit that I went through both scenarios today. At first I was ticked off that I had to go out, but I realized, thankfully quite quickly, all of the things I noted in the second scenario.

How about you? Was there a situation in your marriage recently where you could have responded two ways?


Photo credit – Shawna Sherrell Photography


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