Day 2630 – When Is It Ok To Cheat? – or – The Hardest Puzzle I’ve Ever Done

A few days ago, my dad gave me a pretty cool puzzle. It is one color and every piece is different. At first, I was excited about the challenge. “Cool! A puzzle with no picture! This is going to be fun!” I started work on the puzzle on my little coffee table (the only table we own). It quickly became obvious that the table was too small. So I started putting pieces in the box, on the floor, everywhere. It was just a mess. One day, I was cleaning up the papers that came with the puzzle and I found something magical. The puzzle guide. Here was a piece of paper that had the location of EVERY puzzle piece. I had already split the pieces by their shape. Now, all I had to do was look at the paper and look for what piece went next. I thought a lot about this method and thoughT, is it cheating? Or is it being wise with my time and resources? I mean, here was this puzzle taking up all this space, I couldn’t use my table (which I didn’t realize how much it helped me with work until I didn’t have it), and this puzzle was just making me mad. I decided that it was an ok thing. Sure, I can’t say, “I did this puzzle with no help!” but, the puzzle is done and I saved myself a bunch of time. What do you think, did I totally cheat the system or was this a smart thing to do?