Day 3074 – How To Handle Sickness When You Work For Yourself

I’m grateful that this sickness is mostly falling on the weekend, so I don’t have as many responsibilities. But how do I handle sick days being a small business owner? Let me share!

First, I keep my to do lists very organized. I use Asana to keep track of my projects, recurring reminders, and for brainstorming ideas. I am a huge fan of Asana and I’m not sure how I lived without it. This allows me to open each (I have one for each of my clients, and one for my personal projects and Bret’s business), see what to do’s I have for each day, and make my to do lists for any given day.

As I’m looking through my to do lists, I’m writing a list for that day. On the weekends, I’ve started doing one page, at the top I have things I have to do on Saturday and Sunday. Then a big list of the things I hope to do on both days.

When I sat down with the list I created for the weekend I looked through and added stars to to the things that HAD to happen today. Thankfully, past Jennilyn was kind and this weekend’s list was very manageable.

Giving yourself time to rest is very important, because, let’s be honest, as a small business owner, YOU are your company’s biggest asset. Especially if you are the only employee. This is where systems and automation are so important.

The biggest thing I have to overcome when I’m sick is not beating myself up for not working.

I am thankful that this current cold seems to be a much faster moving one than the last one.

How do you handle sickness in your business? Is it hard for you to take time off?


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