Day 1287 – We Are Never Serious

Today we took headshots for the lovely girls at K&B Bridals and Event Planning. When we first arrived and did a little location scouting, we were frozen after just a few minutes….ok, no, I was frozen. Bret was fine. 🙂

So, we planned on setting up our backdrop and taking a few shots or just taking some in the shop. We did get some AMAZING shots inside. Talk about GREAT lighting! Woo!

Let me tell you, not only do they help you find the perfect dress for you and make stunningly styled events…..but they do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means taking pictures outside in SHORT sleeves, in the cold. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that quality in a bridal and wedding stylist!

It was around 35 degrees outside, with a little wind tunnel where we ended up shooting….but they did it! Sometimes without their coats! I was so proud!

Since they’re reviewing the pics and I wouldn’t want to put anything up they wouldn’t want shared…you’ll just have to settle for Bret and I being goofy. I don’t know what the deal is with us (ahem, ME) being so silly when we test out the light. Maybe we just dislike being in front of the camera? I dunno, but enjoy!

I mean, this one is so rude!


Really, Jen, what’s the deal with this one?


Bret was actually pretty normal today….which isn’t normal….


Day 1090 – Guest Post – Bridget Moore of K&B Bridals and Event Planning – Bridal Boutique in Bel Air, Maryland

Today’s post comes to us from Bridget Moore of K&B Bridals and Event Planning. Bridget is one of my highest recommended vendors and she is one of my dearest friends. (She was also one of my brides!)

K&B Bridals and Event Planning offers LOTS of things! Today Bridget is going to talk about the all-inclusive bridal boutique.

When I say all-inclusive, I mean it! They offer wedding dresses, accessories, bridesmaid dresses, mother’s dresses, flower girl dresses, tuxes, and prom gowns! If you’re looking for a one stop shop, THIS is it!

I can personally attest to the amazing service you will receive from this bridal boutique! I have been in the store when brides have been trying on dresses and the staff is SO attentive and really takes the time to find the perfect dress for YOU. There is such an awesome vibe in the store, it’s hard to leave!

I could talk for hours about how awesome they are, but I’ll save that for another day! I’m passing the blog over to Bridget!

What is one thing that would surprise most brides about your business?
When it comes to finding a wedding dress, about 99% of brides buy the complete opposite of what they come in looking for. It helps to be open minded when looking for your wedding dress. Most brides think that there will be that moment when they cry and know it is the one, but very few brides cry when they find the perfect dress. It usually comes down to the dress that fits the bride’s style and personality and makes them feel the best when they are in “the one.”

Walk us through what a bride will typically experience working with you.
When working with a bride we usually encourage them to start their bridal gown shopping 12 months in advance of their wedding. The whole process take about a 12 month period, and the wedding gown tends to set the tone for so many other parts of the wedding.

When we meet with our brides we try to find out about their style and the style of their wedding. We first start with trying on the 4 basic silhouettes that all bridal gowns are created from to help narrow down the search and keep it from being so overwhelming.

Once we know which silhouette the bride feels the best in, we work to pair her with the dress that makes her feel and look the best and brings together her personal style with her wedding… creating her “BrideStyle.”

After helping the bride find her dress and accessories, we work with her to find her attire for the bridal party that will compliment her wedding.

What is your favorite thing about weddings?
All of the excitement around the wedding, and hearing the love story behind it all. It’s so fun to hear the bride talk about their fiancĂ© and the wedding and all the details surrounding their big day. One of my favorite parts of the actual wedding is that moment when the couple sees each other for the first time! I love to see the look on their faces!

Since this is a blog more about marriage than the wedding day, what is one piece of advice you’d give to future brides and grooms?
Not to stress too much about the wedding itself. This is just a small step to the beginning of the rest of your lives. It’s so easy to get caught up on the wedding, and the stress that can come along with it, that you can lose sight on the reason you are getting married.

If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?
I don’t know that I would change anything about our wedding… Maybe just that I would have had it closer to home so that more of our guests could attend.

If you got married while you were working in the wedding industry, did you make a change in your business based on what you went through?
I realized how expensive and stressful weddings can be, so we made the concept of our boutique to be an affordable boutique as well as all inclusive, so it is less stressful by doing everything all in one place.

Would you like to offer any special deals on your post?
I would be willing to offer $100 off a bridal gown purchase.

Now that you’ve heard how this bridal boutique can help you find your “BrideStyle” go make an appointment at K&B Bridals and Event Planning!

If you’re not convinced, check out a few of their dresses!!