Day 3465 – Finding Joy In The Journey

At least half a year ago, I purchased a mug. The day I found it, I was wandering through a dollar store, a little ticked off. I had traveled to an appointment only to have said appointment canceled right before I was set to arrive. I then saw the mug (pictured below) and had to buy it.

I drink my coffee out of this mug and I love seeing the reminder to find joy in the journey, it is a reminder I need often. Building our business has been one of the most challenging and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I am consistently needing to grow, stretch, mold, and meet the challenges.

After a pretty long day, Bret was encouraging me to remember just how far I’ve come, even in just the last few months. Reminding me of the stress of taking less calls versus how many we’re getting now…what once was completely overwhelming, is now normal and a part of my day.

I try to consistently keep in my mind when I’m starting to get stressed: “imagine how much this will help you grow, you will likely not recognize yourself in a few months.” My word/phrase for this year is Journey More, Stress Less.

I actually love the fact that life is not about each milestone, it is about the journey itself.

So friends, find joy in the journey you’re on today.


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Day 644 – The Idea Behind This Blog or A Baltimore Maryland Wedding Photographer’s Journey Through Marriage

Today I had the idea to create this blog. Here is my goal:

I am a wedding photographer. I love it. Dearly. But I believe that the real journey begins after the wedding is over. I want to continue sharing the joys and sorrows of marriage with my clients, friends and family. To that end, I am going to take a photo of my weddings rings every day. A photo that captures what that day has meant to my marriage. What I learned, etc. My hope is that first, I will actually take one every day! Second, that my journey through marriage will give you joy. That you’ll have a few laughs. Maybe a few tears. And ultimately, see how much I love my husband. So, come take a journey with me!

You will notice there are days posted before today. I realized that my “day 1” was the day I married my best friend…so, it would be “wrong” to start on a random day. I did a little back blogging. I realized while looking for pictures that even though taking pictures is my job…I take very few pictures of us! Hopefully, this project will help me take a lot more!

I took this picture with my iPod Touch. Using the Instagram App. I decided to keep it this direction, because I think it shares the silliness of me. I took this picture right after I had told Bret about my idea to create this group and then I had the idea of taking a picture with every couple of all four of our hands (i.e. the ring shot, but times two!) at the wedding. It made me start to cry because that truly captures what I strive to do with every couple…be a part of their marriage. So then I tried to rush and get the picture of me crying! Alas, it didn’t work, but I think it was still a fun picture.

I took this right before we watched Date Night. We’ve had these chairs for a while now and just realized there was a pocket. Perfect for a Guinness, which we are both big fans of! Great night with my husband!

Also, here is a fun story that also happened this today!

A few weeks ago, a friend posted a recipe for Banana Pancakes. It looked pretty good, so I printed it out. It’s been sitting on the counter…tucked away with the cookbooks…out on the counter…tucked away…and finally, underneath two very ripe bananas.

I kept meaning to make these pancakes, as the bananas got riper and riper, I wanted them more and more.

Last night we attended a Bull and Oyster Roast Fundraiser for Team In Training. It was a wonderful event by a really wonderful group of people. The food was simply amazing! Well, it was a late night, since the roast didn’t start until 8 and it was about 30 minutes from home. I had also decided last night that I was going to make the pancakes Saturday morning! We were planning on traveling to Jersey to visit some friends in New Jersey on Saturday and meet with the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Curran (in one week!!) on Sunday. I slept just a little longer than I mean to and in my rush to pack, print directions, etc, I just ran out of time. I didn’t decide that I ran out of time until I had mixed the flour mixture and cracked the egg. I had even asked Bret if bananas could make you sick if they were too ripe….ok, I’m not going to lie, they were pretty much black. Anyways, so, I put the egg in the fridge, covered the flour mixture and asked Bret to put the bananas away. I even put the milk (which we only had enough for the pancakes!) in a coffee mug. We rush out the door and Bret grabs a bag of compost that had been sitting on the floor. Since we were going to be away for most of the weekend, we didn’t want it to stink up the place.

Bret was going to do some training with our friend and former groom at Top Flight MMA Academy. [note: there is sound when you open this page] I figured I would go to Panera Bread while he was training…I’m seriously considering buying stock in Panera with how often I go! While there, I got a call that our plans weren’t going to work out with our friends. I was very sad that we wouldn’t be able to see them, as they are very dear friends. But, I had a wonderful morning reading great books and writing out some ideas. I created a list of things I wanted to get done with the time I now had. The list included things like finalizing my new postcards and emails. Watching Date Night with my husband and making those banana pancakes.

Bret had trained pretty hard and was pretty much starving. So, I thought, AH! I can make the pancakes now! I took the egg and flour out of the fridge….grabbed the mug of milk….and the bana…hmmm, not in the fridge….not in the freezer….not on the counter….Bret? Where are the bananas? (this is where I started to laugh)…to which he replied…uh…I think I threw them out. By this point, I think I was on the floor laughing (literally).

I guess I can cross banana pancakes off my list…