Day 2761 – You Will Never Change…Unless You Actually Do

The past week or two has been filled with much reminiscing.

We made a video about how I was NOT a minimalist when I first met Bret, which caused me to look at many old photos of my old room.

I have decided that I am more of a month to month goal setter, thus I have been figuring out what I did well and what I failed completely with my January goals (spoiler – no soda drinking was a win! Writing every day was a utter failure.).

I purchased a great book that has me thinking about things.

I regularly look at my “On This Day” on Facebook. On January 31, 2009, I filled out one of those silly “25 random things you didn’t know about me” things. Here’s 20. “I own nearly 500 movies and tv shows on dvd. Most of them were purchased for under 10 bucks.” I read this number and immediately emailed Bret, telling him the 2009 number and the 2017 number (44). I ended by saying “Who says you can’t change?”

Have you ever thought, there’s NO way I can change? Or there’s NO way they will ever change? It’s so easy to put someone in a category and keep them there. She never does the dishes, he never puts his laundry in the hamper, she’s always negative, he’ll never get a better job, I’ll always be poor, I’ll never get out of debt, I’ll never travel, I’ll never get in shape.

Even though I can take a look at my current life and think, wow, I have changed, I forget just how far I’ve come. I urge you to keep a record, somehow, somewhere, of your life. Your fears, your achievements, your joys, your lows. Have it saved somewhere you can regularly look back. I’ve had the luxury of oversharing on Facebook, so much so that I have a very detailed list of my life.

So if you’re stuck thinking you’ll never change or your spouse will never change, take heart.

I went from well over $50,000 in debt, to $0 debt with money saved.
I went from hoarder with tons of stuff, to minimalist with a lot less.
I went from getting migraines 3-4 times a week because of my diet, to maybe 1-2 a month.
I went from being an alcoholic for nine years who was arrested, to a sober person for over two years and counting.
I went from someone who dreamed about writing a book, to someone who did.

These three shelves don’t even show all of my old DVDs…wow.




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