Day 1923 – It Was A Day Of Adventure And Now This Is How I Feel…

Today I took Bret to work, had breakfast with two of my photographer friends, took a friend to work, did some work on the book, picked up Bret, we explored the community near his school, we got coffee and we just got home about 13 hours later. WHEW! I. Am. Tired.

So, while I had a pretty exciting/fun/productive day, I took zero pictures and I’m about to fall asleep on the keyboard. That being the case, here’s what you get today. 🙂


Day 1455 – How We Spent The Fourth!

We went to two parties yesterday! The first had a ton of my fellow wedding vendors, so much fun talking shop but also relaxing!

I enjoyed watching this water balloon fight that some of the moms started!


Bret took a nice nap before the second party. This was one of the best moments! Just sitting in the shade, drinking beer and enjoying the day.


I even let my hair down!