Day 1583 – I’m So Thankful For This Freedom In America…

I was driving to church today and listening to Shine FM. It’s a local Christian/inspirational music station. I’ve been trying to listen to more worship music recently…it has made a big difference in my attitude.

Anyways, the DJ was talking to a caller about the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. Now, I was gearing up for it because the song always makes me weep. (Look into the story behind it.) I actually did change the station when the song came on…

So, the DJ is chatting with the caller and at the end of the conversation, the DJ asks how she can pray for the caller. The caller asked that this station would be on the air for her grand kids to hear one day. Just like that, the DJ prays…on AIR!

It hit me that this is something I take for granted FAR too often…the freedom of religion. I can blog about, post on Facebook, Tweet like crazy about how much I love Christ. No one knocks down my door to arrest me.

Needless to say, I got a really good cry in….even though I did change the station to NOT hear the Cinderella song!

What freedom do you take for granted?