Day 2200 – When To Rob A Bank – or – A Nice Reminder About Why I Blog

We’ve made a lot of choices in our life over the last year or so that have severely simplified our lives. Because of the choices we’ve made, we have a lot of free time. Some days it’s tough to think of a blog topic because most of our days look like this:

Get up around 5:45/6
I listen to a sermon while Bret is getting ready for work 6-7
Bret goes to work, I finish a sermon or two 7-8
I do work for clients
I read
I blog
I might go for a walk or run or Dunkin’ run
I might play video games, depending on my work load
I clean up the apartment/do the wash, etc.
I might chat with a friend

Then when Bret gets home, we generally hang out in the evening. Typically, we’re watching movies or chatting on the porch.

If I was reading a blog about the above, I’d get bored. But I guess you guys don’t get bored, because I know you guys are reading!

As I was pondering what to write today, I came across a few quotes in a new book I’m reading – “When To Rob A Bank” by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner (The guys who wrote Freakonomics). These quotes are from the introduction about the two writing a blog for ten years.

“But mostly, having the blog gave us good reason to stay curious and open about the world…All these years, we routinely asked ourselves why we kept blogging…It didn’t pay; there wasn’t any evidence the blog helped sell more copies of our book. In fact it may have cannibalized sales, since every day we were giving away our writing. But over time we realized why we kept at it: our readers liked reading the blog, and we loved our readers.”

I actually read the first sentence with a few tears. This blog has helped me to be aware of what’s going on around me each day. Since I’ve written the blog for over four years, it has become a habit and I feel “wrong” if I haven’t blogged for the day yet. It has helped me look at life and ask the question “what is the most cool, fun, important, life-changing thing that has happened to me today?”

Even when I think my life is a little “boring,” I can still find inspiration in a few lines of text. 🙂