Day 2759 – One Of The Funniest Videos From Our Many Travels

I’ve been meaning to share this video for a reallllllly long time. Finally, here it is!!



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Day 2571 – Devil’s Tower And Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

During our road trip, we visited Devil’s Tower. Seeing it up close again made me want to rewatch Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. We finally did that yesterday and it was so cool to see it again. We were able to say things like, OH! We were there! That’s the gate! lol, and we were able to notice it was a set. 🙂

Have you ever seen a place and wanted to watch a movie filmed there? Or have you seen a place on a movie and had to go?


Day 2543 – Road Trip Part 4 – Devil’s Tower To Montana

We stayed the night in Custer and it was a great break from the drive. So nice to sleep in a bed…even though we normally sleep on the floor. In the morning, we made our way into Wyoming.


After that, we went to Devil’s Tower. Such a cool place.


If you’ve been to Devil’s Tower, you know about those Prairie Dogs!




The Tower is so big up close!


We decided to call it a night in Montana so we’d be fresh for Yellowstone. We caught an amazing sunset!


Everything is bigger in Montana, even the wishes!



How adorable is our little cabin?