Day 2684 – My Next Book Is About Cross Country Travel And I Need Your Help!

I’m very happy to report that I have finally made some major progress on my book! It has become more of a devotional than anything else. My manuscript with with an editor/reviewer as we speak! The next step is finding a cover designer (any recommendations, pass them my way!) and then all the copyrighting/ISBN etc business and you’ll be able to buy my book on Amazon! It’s so weird to be this close! Eeeep!

If you haven’t picked up yet, I’m big into dreaming and doing the next thing even while working on another. So! I already have my next book in the queue! I will be writing on cross country road trips! I’ve obviously got a ton of material to work with and a bunch of experience. Bonus – I LOVE to talk about it! Every few weeks, I’ll get a message from someone asking for tips. I end up putting in a good 30-45 minutes giving them advice….and it never feels that long. I’m really pumped to write this book!

Here’s how you can help me! Tell me your questions about planning a cross country trip. I want all your questions. Crazy questions, serious questions, questions you don’t know if you should ask or not.

Hopefully, it will inspire more people to go to places like this…