Day 1560 – Our Clients Really Do Become Friends…

One of the best parts of our job is gaining new friends! This weekend, we get to go camping with THREE of our former couples! They’ve invited us a few times, but it’s always been a busy time for us…we’re able to squeeze in one night and we’re so excited!!!



So if you’re looking for a husband and wife wedding photography team that will not only give you great pictures, a fun experience on your wedding day, but also friends for life, check us out!

Day 1059 – A Day In Our Cameras, Forever In Our Hearts

At the same time I decided to create a thankfulness board, I decided to create a “client board.”

Here is the result!!

This is just inside our door. Bret asked what are we going to do when we have hundreds of clients…and I said, well, by that time, I hope to have a studio and we’ll just line the walls of the office! 🙂 It’s a nice dream.

I also hung up the thankfulness board. It’s still a work in progress, but a nice start. 🙂

Day 929 – Bret’s Truck = Black Hole

There are a few places in my life that are black holes. My closet. The box in my closet that has paperwork to be filed. The cabinet above the fridge that no normal person can reach. And, apparently, Bret’s Truck. Back in December of 2010, we photographed the Bolster Wedding. Their favors were these awesome, hand painted (by John’s grandfather) ornaments. They were kind enough to let us take one. Well, both Bret and I had driven that night, so he put the ornament in his truck. We didn’t carry it in that night because all our gear was enough to carry in. I’ve noticed it sitting in there a few times, smiled and though, oh, I should bring that in. Today, I went out to retrieve a checkbook Bret had left in the truck. I noticed the ornament and finally brought it in….all cold and shivering no less (the ornament, not me)… I’ve set it up on top of two of our dvd shelves….it has become kind of our “memory lane” spot….it fits in nicely.