Day 2011 – Fat Chipmunks = Bret Getting A Passport

We are tentatively planning a cross country trip this summer. I asked my Facebook friends for some suggestions and chatted with my dad about fun places he’s visited. Through conversations, it came to my attention that we gotta check out the Canadian Rockies. I chatted with Bret on the way to school about this suggestion. This will be a paraphrase of our conversation…

Jennilyn: We should get our passports so we can go into Canada and see the Canadian Rockies.
Bret: Why are they better than the American ones?
Jennilyn: I dunno, they’re more majestic or something.
Bret: Eh, seems like one of those “grass is greener on the other side things.”
Jennilyn: Well, apparently, the fat chipmunks are on the Canadian side. Did I tell you about those?
Bret: No.
Jennilyn: When my family drove cross country when I was a kid, we hiked up this little mountain. At the top of the mountain is a tea house. Inside the tea house are these little chipmunks that are like this fat. (Here I put out my hands to about the size of a kitten…no joke).
Bret: Seriously?
Jennilyn: Yea!
Bret: Find out if that was actually in Canada. If so, we’ll get our passports.
Jennilyn: ::laughing::
Bret: I’m serious.

There you have it folks, fat chipmunks are the way to Bret’s passport. If I had known this, we would’ve gotten ours a long time ago!

I am SO ready for this trip! Where are your favorite places in the United States? We’ll more than likely be spending a bit of time in the north west side!