Day 3144 – 11 Years Later, He Still Surprises Me – or – The Way To My Heart

Yesterday, Bret had several appointments, and I had a massive project for the real estate business. I was so engrossed in the project, I didn’t check in with Bret at all. We have an app (Life360) that gives each of the GPS location to the other. This has been great for making sure Bret is ok when going on appointments in the city, or when Bret is waiting for a ride from me. Instead of having to call or send him a text via Siri, he can just open the app and know how far away I am. When Bret has several appointments, I do tend to check in and see what’s up. But nosiriebob, I barely even thought about him. To be fair, I was working on a project for our business, so there’s that…

Just as I was finishing up on a portion of the project, I thought, oh yea, Bret’s appointment was over 2 hours ago…I wonder how it went and where he is. No sooner had I thought it then the app notified me that Bret was home! Sweet! I was focused on my work, and only slightly noticed him pulling something out of his bag. I started to turn around and he said something along the lines of “don’t look” and I continued with my work.

He finally brought the surprise over and I was very very very pleasantly surprised. This guy. This man I’ve been married to for almost 9 years, who I have known for 11, brought me not a cup, not a bowl, but a QUART of cream of crab soup from Broom’s Bloom. Oh friends, it was amazing. I think I will concede that this is THE best cream of crab soup I have ever had, and it is consistently amazing. I’m so glad they’re open year round and not just in the summer.

To further show his amazingness, he let me take a picture. 🙂


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Day 1940 – The Days Things Don’t Go As Planned And Then They Do

Well, we got up with plenty of time to go to church. No Daylight Savings Time got in our way! But for a number of reasons, we decided to stay home. We listened to a sermon online and just hung out. About half way through, we got a message that a family member was in distress. So we finished the sermon in the car and took care of it. We were planning on getting lunch with another family member, but since we were half way to where we were going to have lunch, it made sense to cancel. But we decided to go without them.

I mean, why NOT go to Broom’s Bloom when you get the chance?


After that we got a few things from Target. It’s been pretty cold in the basement, so these guys will help a lot!


And because I’m a 5 year old in a 32 year old’s body, I had to get this. I mean, hello, $1 at Target! I love reusable bags! 🙂