Day 1981 – What This Blog Taught Me About Marriage

The other day, I asked my Facebook friends for ideas for the blog. I had hit a wall when it came to ideas and had (if we’re completely honest here) lost all motivation to keep blogging. It really doesn’t take me long to write a post and keep up with posting. But as certain areas of my life have slowed down, I’m finding it harder to come up with interesting topics. As I was falling asleep last night, a thought hit me that gave me renewed desire to blog.

This is a blog about marriage…..and sometimes marriage is boring. Sometimes your marriage consists of routine and that’s it. Each day is the same as the one before. I think these are the times it’s hardest in a marriage….not when you’re fighting about things or you’re going through a stressful time….it’s when everything is the same and nothing changes. It’s harder to love someone when they do the same thing every day. That’s when it’s easiest to be resentful about your spouse…..exactly how I was feeling about my blog.

But these are the times in marriage where you HAVE to keep going. You HAVE to keep loving your boring old spouse. And see this as “hey, my spouse is consistent and faithful.” It also helps to remember the good times. The times when you weren’t in the boring time….for the blog, I’m remembering the times when people have commented about the impact of this blog. I think of people who appreciate the honesty and one particular post by Bret that changed someone’s life and marriage.

I AM grateful for the opportunity to share about our marriage (the struggles and the joys) through this blog. I’m just in awe of what God has done through the last 1337 days I’ve blogged…that’s 3.66 years! Holy smokes! Let me just say I could NOT have done that on my own strength! Thank you God for empowering me to do so!

And there’s my ramble for the day. 🙂


Photo credit: Shawna Sherrell Photography


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