Day 3369 – Controlling Your Environment And Watching What You Consume

Today, I just finished up An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake by Srinivas Rao. I absolutely loved this book and it has helped me think differently about my work and a number of other things. Today specifically, there was a section about your consumption, from what you read, and watch, and see on Facebook.

For the most part, our consumption habits, the way in which we take in information, are incredibly reactive… Everything plants a potential seed for something we might create.” Srinivas Rao

I realized that I’ve been WAY too tied to my phone and social media sources recently. My first waking task has been checking in to a number of games to get daily rewards, checking my Facebook on this day (and any notifications that came in since I last checked), all before even getting out of bed. All these things were also my go to when I was bored.

I tried out one of his suggestions by turning my phone monochrome, which I have to say, is a BIG help, but I kept finding reasons to turn it off. Today, I took some drastic measures. I deleted every single game, even ones that I thought “make me use my brain.” I deleted messenger and blocked Facebook on my phone. I deleted the app a few weeks back, but I was still checking Facebook dozens of times per day.

In the few hours since I made that change, I actually started reading a book on Kindle I’ve put off for a while, and have felt a little better creatively.

We have to be ruthless about what we consume. We have to be aware that things we consume can help build us up or tear us down.

What are you consuming too much of….or not enough? Let me know in the comments below.


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