Day 3489 – Puzzle Day – or – Life Doesn’t Always End Up Where You Think It Will

I am an unabashed fan of puzzles and I have spent a good portion of my life completing puzzles.

I think part of the reason I love puzzles so much is that life is a lot like a puzzle. When you approach a new thing, whether it’s a new business, a new relationship, a new problem to solve, it’s like a puzzle. At first, you have a big fat mess in front of you, nothing makes sense and it seems almost impossible that it will come together.

But then you start working on it – you lay everything picture side up, you pull out the edges, you group colors, and you get to work. Little by little, things come together and make sense.

What’s great about a puzzle is that you know it has a solution and can be completed. Well….except for puzzles like this.

There are some puzzles where you have a piece or group of pieces that you SWEAR goes in this section, I mean, look at the pieces! But then you get to that point and realize you were completely wrong and that section goes on the opposite side of the puzzle.

Ah, how much life this is! I find myself closing up shop on this blog, in the process of deleting my Facebook, and focusing all of my attention on real estate investing….um, what? Where in my life history was there any hint towards this?

But as I’m moving closer to that point, I’m realizing it does make sense. Going on an appointment with Bret to chat with someone about their house feels very much like when we would meet with wedding photography clients. When we would chat with folks and get to know them and help them. That was one piece of this business that I didn’t expect – how much we get to help people.

I look at my work history in the clerical, admin, human resources, and IT spaces and it very much helps in the behind the scenes aspects of our business.

I look at my passion for increasing my knowledge through reading business books and personal growth and how it helps me grow faster than I otherwise could.

I look at some of the struggles and hard times I’ve gone through, and how they’ve prepared me in a way I didn’t expect.

So if your life doesn’t look like you think it should or you have no idea how you’ll end up where you want to go, just sit back, and focus on a small part of the puzzle, it will all come together eventually.


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