Day 3474 – 51 Hours To Drive Across The Country

Facebook reminded me today that 7 years ago, we had just arrived home from our drive from California in 51 hours. For a little while, I wore that as a badge of honor….but now, it makes me really really really tired to remember.

Have you ever driven across the US in a really short amount of time?


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4 thoughts on “Day 3474 – 51 Hours To Drive Across The Country

  1. Fast, but not enjoyable, I think. In Finland it is not possible, due to our road conditions. In the north we have to be careful, due to free roaming reindeers. 🙂

    Have a good day!

      • Hello. I had to return here again. I forgot to say: my hat! When I was younger, I loved to drive fast. It is much said, because not being “rich”, it was impossible but to expensive car, so I bought German Opel Vectra OPC V6 2.8. It was a family car with 280 hp. We have made many road trips from Finland to Germany where on its highways are no speed limits. On one of this kind trips (more than 10 year ago), my wife let test our car. She promised three attempts. Two first were not successful, because a slower came in from of our car, which meant strong breakings. The third one was nearly successful. I just achieved the speed of 242 km/h =150 mi/h. This means that our car went in one second 67.2 meters. Then a slower car came to our lane and breaks again.

        I have a short YouTube video of this third attempt:

        Opel Vectra OPC speeding on German highway

        Also, a photo among my about-page:

        Opel Vectra 242 km/h =150 mi/h

        May I ask how fast You drove there and what was the length which drove?

        Now I have disturbed You too much.

        Best regards,

      • That’s so great!! And not disturbed too much at all. I’d say the fastest we went was 70-75mph? Haha, there are speed limits the whole way, no speed limit free spots like you have there.

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