Day 3462 – When Things Don’t Go As Expected

I went to bed last night with the intention of getting up at 5 am, blogging about a really wonderful book I finished, and making some major strides towards catching up on work from being out of town.

Here’s what actually happened.

Alarm went off at 5 and I ended up changing the time and adding on some snooze, my little “stayed up past her bedtime to finish the aforementioned book” self rolled out about a quarter to seven.

During our morning coffee date, Bret mentioned a few work things that needed attending to, we chatted about a few other things. Then he told me the car was dead.

The next hour was spent figuring out how to and then getting a jump.

Now we’re looking at 9:30 to actually start my day, which had to wait so I could get some food.

The following hours were spent doing some catch-up and tackling some new systems.

I now find myself straving, but having accomplished quite a lot. There was a time when a day like today would have completely derailed me, stressed me out to no end, and I would have been more than a little tempted to crawl back into bed and cry.

So what was the difference today? It was consistently telling myself to slow down, breathing deep, and just jumping into whatever the task at hand was. I did a meditation yesterday, on stress ironically, and it said that we’ll always have problems, no matter what. Just like the “you’ll never finish your to-do list” concept gives me peace, this does too.

The lesson today? Just breathe.


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