Day 3435 – What Does My Day Look Like?

A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same as I’ve transitioned into real estate investing as my main job. I have adjusted my wake up time. It’s rare that I actually get up at 5 anymore, 7 is the typical these days. That is attributed to staying up later to work on things, which I’m ok with. My morning tasks have been lessened since I’ve put a number of things on the back burner….for now.

My morning
I gradually get up, enjoy some coffee and jump into devotions.
My devotions include an Ask Pastor John or two, followed by a few chapters in the bible. I’m currently doing a one year plan and am almost done.
After that, depending on how Bret’s morning is going, we’ll have coffee and chat about things. It’s really nice having that time together in the morning, whether it’s a quick chat or a longer one.
Next, I’ll spend some time reading. I used to read non-fiction/business/personal growth type books, but right now I’m using the time to finish up a few of my reading challenges.
After that, I’ll post in my Facebook group and respond to any comments.
I’ll then write my post here.
Then I’ll go for a run (3 days a week).
I squeeze in the wash here.

My workday
On come the work notifications at this point. I’ve really enjoyed that mental “clocking in and clocking out” of work each day.
The bulk of what I do in my workday changes from day to day. If we’ve recently signed a contract, I’m running the deposit up to our title company, and that takes a big portion of my day.
If our postcards have hit within the last two weeks, most of my day is spent on the phone and managing the leads.
Or I could be working at a client’s place.

I like that my days vary but also have a system and pattern to them.

My evenings
I finish up most of my work by about 3 or 4. Sometimes Bret will come home at the end of this day, right about 4, then we chat about anything that may have come up or just random things.

The evenings are spent either doing things around the apartment like dishes, putting clothes away, etc. Or reading. Sometimes preparing contracts or other work tasks.

I do think I need to do some refining to my mornings and my evenings. What I love about making changes is that sometimes just a small change or investment can make a BIG difference. My most recent investment was buying a Spotify subscription. Initially, the purchase was to listen to a setlist for Thrice while driving to their show, since you can download a playlist.

I got the trial but then decided to keep the subscription. See, I am on Spotify pretty much from 7 am when I get on the computer to about 8 pm when I go to bed. I mainly listen to movie soundtracks, Hans Zimmer specifically, so when a commercial would come on, it would really throw off my groove. Ahhh, it has made my workday much more peaceful, I have to say.

My weekends are mostly about working on reports and different projects, so my routine is much less strict.

Do you have a routine in your workday?


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