Day 3384 – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

This morning, I seemed to roll out of the wrong side of the bed (haha, I think rolling out of bed is the best way to describe getting out of bed when you sleep on the floor). I’m not sure if it’s a combination of weather, weariness from lots of driving (close to 24 hours since Friday), travel (well over 1000 miles), and running around before and after. I had a CRAZY dream during my snoozing, which may have a little to do with it. Now, a morning like this for Jen of maybe five years ago would have kept me in bed a lot longer, caused me to start drinking earlier, and beating myself up all day.

But I am a much different person than I was five years ago. One thing I’ve learned more about over the last few years is me and how I work. Knowing that there will be days where I will want to quit everything, throw out all of my habits and goals, helps me to NOT do so.

I realize that I am not in my normal mind today, so I’m not going to make any major decisions. I won’t decide to stop doing the things I know help me and the things in my world.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned? Is to not be too hard on myself. Knowing all these things helps me to say “Self, I know you’re not totally you today. This is not how we normally are. You will still need to do some things today, but I’m not going to let you feel bad about the fact that you’re a human and humans feel things.”

Being kind to ourselves when we are not ourselves goes a long way to being a healthy human. 🙂


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